510 Buckeye Ave | Sidney, OH 45365


Sidney Care Center has been my brother's home for almost four years. Not only are the staff friendly, caring, encouraging, and supportive to my brother, they are the same with us. I can't imagine him being anyplace else. We, as family members greatly appreciate all your hard work & dedication to his wants & needs. I know you all care very much about each and every resident. Thanks again for your caring and consistent dedication. God bless you all.


I have witnessed strong bonds form between clients and staff and friendship develop between clients. The clinical and office staff are easy to communicate with and always answer any questions I may have. I would highly recommend Sidney Care Center if you are looking for a warm and welcoming home for your loved one.


Upon the arrival of my dad, he was needing 24-hour care. He had previously been to Sidney Care Center 3 times due to strokes. When I had spoken to Ms. Barbie she directed me on what I needed to do to get him in permanently. As soon as the paperwork was completed, everything was turned over to Ms. Stefanie Hale. She had him in and everything was completed before he was released from the hospital. The nursing staff caught that he was on many unnecessary medications and they now have him regulated. He is doing so much better within the few months he has been there.
The entire staff always takes the time to greet and acknowledge us when we come or go. You will always run into a smile on any given day. I am also notified of any changes made to him within the same day. I can honestly say that if there was an emergency or any questions I may have at any time that I can always send a personal text message to Stefanie and I will always get an answer to ease our minds. We are so grateful and absolutely blessed to have Sidney Care Center on our team, as well as feeling that they are now a part of our family! I know that he will always be in great hands throughout his stay at Sidney Care Center! Thank You So Much!


I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks for all that I was given while rehabilitating from serious ailments at Sidney Care Center. Words can barely tell what a blessing this facility is. The worth of the Care Center to me can only be gauged by that of those that fill it's staff. I will say that entire group of people are carefully picked, well schooled, and all go above and beyond to establish an environment of wholesome healing and care that I could tell was from the heart of each one of them. From the excellent therapy team to each and every other member of the Sidney Care Center family, I say Thank you! I came there bed-ridden and leave walking, and with a smile!"

Philip V.

I was there visiting my mom and a wonderful CNA by the name Ashley. It was on 2nd shift when I was there. She showed so much care and compassion for my mom. I was in the CNA field and aides like that one are hard to find. I love the way she talked to my mom and also to me. She is one in million. If you have employee of the month or year she would be a perfect employee to get it.


Dear staff,
I appreciate the quality care you give your residents. They are also treated with kindness and like family. They are given extra attention, they know their residents. When I call to check on my sister or talk to her they are friendly and polite! I asked her once when I was talking with her on the phone, "Are they busy?" I quote, "They are always busy, they take good care of us." She knew what she was saying.
That's the God's truth!


It's the place to be when you need care or medical treatment. The staff in each department are well-trained, caring and thoughtful. I'm preparing to go home once again. This is my third stay in needing their assistance for therapy and care. I trust and like the surroundings and people here. A lot of good people are here, both working and residents.

I would like to thank everyone for all they have done. Being a friend, giving a smile and giving care.

Janice M.